What should I bring?

Depending on the type and length of the charter; hat, sunglasses, food, sunscreen (non spray), and appropriate weather outfit.  Non marking shoes are encouraged as well.  The boat will have an iced cooler provided, dependent on how much cold provisions  you bring a small cooler is welcomed also.  

What's included?

We provide you with the boat, fuel, bait, tackle, fishing license, and a cooler with ice. 

How many people can come?

Up to 4 people are allowed on all the charters.

Are kids welcome?

Yes! The charter you choose is a fun time for all family members.  Please let the captain know if small children are coming so he will have the appropriate sized life jackets for them during your trip.  

Can we keep everything we catch?

The short answer is no. We have to abide by the laws governing every species of fish that we catch.  We practice and promote catch and release to protect the fish and promote a healthy sustainable fishery for generations to come.  If you catch a fish and wish take it home with you for dinner, the fish will be kept alive in the livewell or on ice until the end of the trip.

Where will you pick me up?

Dependent on the location that is  convenient for you.  We will discuss your location and coordinate a plan catered to your specific trip that will allow you to spend the most time on the water.