I was born in Arcadia, Florida and lived there my whole life until 2014, then I moved to Charlotte County. I grew up on Little Gasparilla Island during the summers, as I was fortunate that my parents had a second home there.  That's where my love for fishing and the waters surrounding Boca Grande and Charlotte Harbor flourished.  I received my first boat at the age of seven and spent all day fishing and discovering during the summers.  At the age of 13,I was a mate for on a tarpon charter boat and learned the trade that every guide uses today.

I continue to fish in the bay and backcountry all the while appreciating the beauty of this unique area.  I'm fortunate to have a wife and two daughters that share my love for the water as I do.  I enjoy teaching and showing my family and friends my passion of fishing, so I made it into a career.  Catching fish, having fun, and practicing conservation techniques while doing so is my priority.